Committed to Excellence

                Visionaire Academy was initiated in 2010 after the founder Roseheather “Latrice” Gatison went through a trying time in life.  The foundation has always been on a vision of helping others reach their full potential even through life’s trials or neglect.  It was a given gift of assisting others by providing business research, guidance, answering questions and assisting others in the lack of business, customer service and leadership skills.

From long nights of research and dedication she began to grown in a gifted vision of wanting to see everyone win in business, exceptional customer service and leadership. Turning their dreams into true visions. Leaving many lost for words of supernatural accomplishments.  

Roseheather struggled with wanting to know what makes things work, how to increase someone’s income that’s struggling or even helping others to gain promotions. She began extensive research and charted her every move. Now with a dynamic team the company excels in teaching business/leadership/customer service courses, assist with startup business guidelines, public speaking events, motivational inserts and more.

This company is a force of analytical thinkers with not just college degrees but real life experiences.  The techniques used have brought millions to a unnamed business owner, promoted growth with past employers, connected major organizations with branding, increased finances for clients and has increased the income of current visonaires and class participants.

The services offered can be on an individual basis, class setting, conference or seminar. The dedicated staff has written policies/instructions/procedures, revamped established businesses that were on a plateau,.

With experience from the corporate workforce and research Visionaire Academy LLC is very dedicated to privacy, professionalism and loyalty. If you set the foundation everything else will fall in order accordingly.