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About Us

Our expertise, your prosperity.

Visionaire Academy LLC is your trusted partner in business consultancy, embodying commitment, ethical integrity, and unparalleled expertise. Our goal is to be globally acclaimed as a leading business consultancy and advisory firm. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional services marked by expertise and objectivity. Our team's bold thinking and pursuit of excellence drive our work in consulting, financial and marketing analytics, digital solutions, and executive coaching. We serve a diverse clientele, including small businesses, corporations, law firms, international magazines, and technology sectors, embracing the richness that diversity brings to our professional community.

We take pride in our unconventional approach to business consulting. Rejecting the one-size-fits-all methodology, we tailor our strategies to meet the unique needs and goals of each client. Our deep industry knowledge, coupled with a genuine desire to make a significant impact, guides our collaborative efforts with clients. At Visionaire Academy, we are more than consultants; we are problem solvers and innovators committed to enhancing your business and contributing positively to the community. Our approach is not just about being different; it's about delivering results that matter.

At Visionaire Academy, we understand that the bedrock of our success with client projects is firmly rooted in our unwavering commitment to core values. These values are not mere statements; they are the lifeblood of our approach, deeply integrated into every strategy, decision, and action. Our belief in these principles shapes and elevates the client experience, reflecting our dedication to excellence and integrity. Each value is a testament to our mission of providing unparalleled services and achieving transformative results for our clients. Below, we proudly present these guiding principles that define and drive our work


Visionaire Academy excels in delivering expert knowledge and effective implementation. Our seasoned partners utilize established, qualified business models to provide insightful and impactful solutions.


We focus on transferring skills and knowledge for long-term sustainable results. Our approach fosters development in your resources, ensuring enduring success and lasting relationships.


Our ethical framework is grounded in sincerity, fairness, transparency, trust, and loyalty. Visionaire Academy is committed to excellence, upholding these values in every aspect of our business.


We prioritize understanding and fulfilling your needs, aiming to exceed expectations. Our engagement is marked by clear objectives, timely delivery, and a hands-on approach, enhancing and supporting your teams.

Customer focus



Latrice is very knowledgeable in marketing strategy, especially using LinkedIn, which takes a special skill set. In these times, with networking in person out and Facebook posts only reaching a few people, and ads going up in price and down in reach, LinkedIn is the best other venue to reach your B2B audience, and she is skilled in helping you develop your total marketing strategy. It's a pleasure to work with her!

D.Cassara, Think Large Consulting


Latrice is the consummate professional. As a serial entrepreneur, in at least two business (Staffing and Legal Tech), I’ve engaged Latrice to support a number of operational, sales, and business development functions. She’s a great addition to the team!!

Bobby Robinson


Ms. Gatison was an instrumental part of my growth as an entrepreneur. During my business formation she consistently provided impactful information and strategy that increased my productivity and development.



I proudly recommend Visionaire Academy! Due to all their support and motivation. I was able to reach a goal that I thought was going to take years to complete. With encouragement and professionalism from the academy, I was able to complete my goal a lot quicker. Thanks for the push and everything you do!



I had given up on lashing months ago a little before Covid ...I said I was done although then my clientele was steady I decided 3 months ago to start back but not of my clients came back because they had found someone else to service them in my absence so I struggled for a maybe a month or two trying to build my clientele back up but kept ending up at square 1 I recently booked a session with Latrice. After following direction and carefully critiquing the small things I’ve been fully booked days.

KeKe Janene


Latrice is truly gifted at what she does. She has true passion and intuitiveness for helping others reach their highest potential. I was not expecting to receive all of the great insight and value she offered, but I am truly grateful that we crossed paths. She is a great person with a genuine spirit. I look forward to working with her again.

M.Hewitt, Divine Business Sense


Latrice goes above & beyond by strategizing endlessly & passionately in order to help her clients. She has helped me tremendously with my business operations & ethics. She had a clear understanding of my goals and exceeded my expectations! I urge anyone to work with Latrice if you’re ready go take your business to the next level!

C.Wright, Kiss Chanel Designs

Latrice has been such a great support system and motivating factor in my business and career path. Since the day we met, I knew that she would help guide me in my pursuits. Two years later, I worked with Latrice on a consistent basis to develop my business. During this time, Latrice not only supported my business endeavors, but really took the time to listen to how my life reflects my work. I am truly proud to know her and would recommend her to anyone for business development, spiritual guidance, and visionary thinking.

S.Malik, Samiyah Malik / Salam Sis

I had the pleasure of being apart of Ms. Gatison’s business class a few years ago. The information she provided to help me become a successful business owner will stick with me forever. She is very well skilled and informative in providing the necessary business skills to help your business grow and become successful. She is always there to lend a listening ear and provide feedback to any needs I had as her student. She continues to provide nuggets and information to help my business be successful. If you are looking for someone who is passionate and dedicated in developing successful business owners I would recommend Ms.Gatison.

J.Jordan, BA, MPA


Having known and worked with Latrice for years, I would say that she is a strong leader, facilitator and mentor. She has a passion for helping others and working with persons to achieve their goals. Latrice is a natural giver and will share her talents and secrets of success with anyone she can. Any opportunity to collaborate with her, I definitely look forward too as she is a huge asset to my network.

M.Miss, Phoenix Leadership Solutions

Ms. Gatison is a hardworking person I had a pleasure of getting my business start up consulting and credit restoration coaching from. She is honest, determine and always made sure her positive attitude led first. I strongly recommend her for any needs you have with business preparation and consulting and credit restorations and tax preparation.

Fredrick Sumbry, HCA Healthcare

Ms. Gatison is a hardworking person I had a pleasure of getting my business start up consulting and credit restoration coaching from. She is honest, determine and always made sure her positive attitude led first. I strongly recommend her for any needs you have with business preparation and consulting and credit restorations and tax preparation.

Fredrick Sumbry, HCA Healthcare

With experts available locally, nationally, and globally, Visionaire Academy provides comprehensive support for all business life cycle phases, both domestically and internationally.

Presence and Expertise

Visionaire Academy offers a broad matrix of skills across various functions and sectors. Our experience spans vertical and horizontal domains, ensuring wide-ranging competence and proficiency.


Our team possesses the knowledge and interpersonal skills to effectively manage projects in diverse cultural environments. We understand and navigate multicultural nuances with expertise.


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